Carlalberto Guglielminotti, Speaker at Bocconi University for the Algebris Chair in Long-Term Investment and Absolute Return
Feb 23, 2021

Carlalberto Guglielminotti held a seminar on venture capital for the brightest students of Bocconi University, who every year are selected on merit to attend the Algebris Chair in Long-Term Investment and Absolute Return Training Camp.An introduction on the nature of venture capital guided the students through an in-depth analysis of the present situation of this market in Europe. A market, as Guglielminotti highlighted, which is going through different phases of maturity in the countries analyzed, with an increase in the number of success stories and with funds playing an increasingly active role in supporting innovation.Guglielminotti went on to analyze, adopting a comparative approach, the on the rise impact of venture capital investments from American and Asian funds in Europe, which are speeding up the market development. He then pointed out the differences existing between European countries, and in particular between Italian and French venture capital ecosystems. These views were followed by a deep analysis of different case studies and a discussion on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on this market, which allowed to perfectly recreate a picture of the venture capital present and foreseeable future in our continent.The second part of the lesson focused on the venture capitalist activity, where Guglielminotti offered advices and operative views from his personal experience.

In particular Guglielminotti focused on Engie EPS’ case study, breaking down, year after year, the company’s equity story and the role played by venture capital funds in its growth. The lesson ended with a discussion on the importance of considering ESG factors (Environment, Social and Governance) while assessing investments, which are to be analyzed considering both the strictly economic perspective and the business sustainability one.

Algebris Chair in Long-Term Investment and Absolute ReturnA five years chair, established at Bocconi thanks to the contribution of Algebris Investments, an independent global asset management company founded by Bocconi alumnus Davide Serra. The chair has been awarded to Stefano Caselli, Full Professor at the Department of Finance.Training Camp – Algebris Chair in Long-Term Investment and Absolute ReturnAn annual event, reserved for a selected group of students from Bocconi’s MSc programs, the objective is to allow the brightest students to meet the best professionals in the fund management industry.Speakers of the 2021 Edition: Stefano Caselli Università Bocconi, Antonella Di Chio Algebris Investments, Gabriele Foa Algebris Investments, Gabriele Galateri di Genola Generali, Giovanni Gregoratti Aegila, Silvia Oteri Permira, Simone Ragazzi Algebris Investments, Davide Serra Algebris Investments, Carlalberto Guglielminotti  Engie EPS.